New economic boost and challenges for 2024 - Zetrack

Fully entering the new year, it is time to project the challenges that lie ahead and take stock of 2023 that closed with the obtaining of more capital and the support of new partners to continue with our company’s roadmap.

Seed Capital Bizkaia, new partner, and Basque, FCR fund managed by Gestión de Capital Riesgo del País Vasco have joined the open investment round with a capital contribution and a convertible loan that brings ZETRACK’s new funds to a total of 930,000 €. Round that remains open with the objective of reaching 1.5 million this year, as planned.

With these funds, the support obtained and those we hope to add in 2024, ZETRACK advances in the development of prototypes of intelligent and autonomous agricultural electric vehicles until the industrialization and commercialization of the first product that we hope to develop from 2025.

This year, after the construction of the first prototype, we intend to carry out field tests, with various implements to carry out agricultural functions in various types of special crops, which will allow us to define and fine-tune the first commercial vehicle.

Recently, we achieved ENISA certification, which supports business projects like ours: viable, with potential for transformation and that are committed to entrepreneurship and innovation.

In 2023, we participate in the Auto AVS project, within the HAZITEK program together with Agria Hispania with the objective of developing solutions aimed at providing autonomous navigation capabilities to agricultural vehicles.

In the middle of last year we successfully completed the BlueZE project, within the European DIH-WORLD initiative, where a first version of a weed detection algorithm has been developed, having been tested with results of 98% success on farms. real, in Peralta.

In both projects, we have had the collaboration of the Vicomtech Technology Center, a benchmark in the development of artificial vision and autonomous navigation solutions.

In 2024 we plan to carry out new tests, among others with the companies Actiture Bio, Garaia Koop or Arriezu, all of them producers committed to organic farming and to productivity and innovation in their crops and processes.

It is essential that the applications of this new intelligent machinery to crops are developed in collaboration with future clients who know their needs well and with implement manufacturers who facilitate its integration into the ZETRACK prototypes to carry out tests and refine the use and its results.

The first prototype will be completed in the coming months and is developed within the framework of the MOVES SINGULARES II program of the IDAE, Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving. The technical project is led by our partner QUIPPLAN.

The objective is to provide our clients with solutions with intelligent and connected machinery for a more sustainable, ecological and efficient agriculture, thanks to automation and electrification, including recharging with renewable energy adapted to each situation, so that the machinery has the necessary autonomy. producing zero emissions.