Our commitment

To contribute to the energy transition of the primary sector through smart electrification because it generates multiple benefits:


  • Lower costs and less energy dependence

  • Higher product margins and more valued companies


  • Offsets labour shortages

  • Strengthens and establishes quality employment in rural areas

  • Generates industrial development with an impact on the local environment


  • Less pollutant emissions

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals:

Understanding and being close to the sector to add value from the start

We already implement appropriate solutions to real problems

“At Actiture we are producers and exporters of organic vegetables and we invest in innovation and development of the best production techniques. That is why we collaborate with ZETRACK in the improvement and adaptation of their new intelligent machinery for horticultural applications.”

Logotipo Cool berries


600 ha of organic vegetable production

“We are developing projects with various innovations in our orchards, from variety selection and planting to management and harvesting. We believe that machinery and its energy technology play an increasingly important role in improving productivity and we rely on the collaboration and advice of ZETRACK for its design and implementation.”

Logotipo Cool berries

Pablo Monreal y José Félix Arriezu

Technical Manager and CEO of Arriezu Vineyards Bloralix

180 ha of vineyards and almond and pistachio trees in Rueda, Valladolid and Navarre

“Together with ZETRACK, I am looking into the option of solar energy and electric machinery as a possible alternative to my current tractor and diesel tank. All indications are that it could save costs without lowering performance.”

Logotipo Cool berries

Pascual Abadías

Owner of a family livestock farm

16-hectare estate in Orós Alto, Huesca

With your help and knowledge, we innovate and develop our own product.