ZETRACK will exclusively market a DIWO agricultural robot for Spain - Zetrack

This is the TIPARD 1800, which was chosen “Robot of the Year” by visitors to the FIRA 2024 in Toulouse, one of the major international agricultural robotics events.

ZETRACK has signed an agreement with DIGITAL WORKBENCH GMBH (DIWO) for the exclusive marketing in Spain of its agricultural robot TIPARD 1800, recently chosen “Robot of the Year” by visitors to FIRA 2024, an international agricultural robotics fair held in the town. French from Toulouse.

The TIPARD 1800 is a flexible and multipurpose agricultural robot that allows the integration of different implements for the different phases of horticultural crops: cultivation, sowing, weed management, harvesting, etc. Especially indicated for farms growing organic crops, it is also of interest to research centers or universities as an agricultural robot for experimentation and development of new precision agriculture and automation techniques.

With the Tipard 1800, digitalization and automation in agriculture reaches the next level, as it is an autonomous multi-operator platform for the automation of complete processes, ranging from sowing and fertilization to weed and pest control.

Another characteristic of the Tipard 1800 is its manageability. Thanks to a maximum weight of 2.6 tonnes and compact dimensions, it can be transported with a standard construction machinery trailer and the corresponding towing vehicle.

The commercialization of this machine represents, on the one hand, a response to the challenge of the lack of labor in the field, since it allows repetitive tasks to be automated, and on the other, an incentive for new generations of farmers, more inclined to technification and digitalization of agricultural tasks. ZETRACK thus supports the retention and development of talent in rural environments.

At the same time, ZETRACK is developing its own agricultural robo-tractor, still in the prototype phase, which will hit the market in 2025 but will also extend this agreement with DIWO to future technology transfer projects or joint development of new products. In this way, ZETRACK wants to be a reference in Spain in automation solutions for special crops.